Why Use Albedo100



Non-permanent colourless is transparent on application. Look safe only when it matters.



Depending on how porous the material is and extremities of use, the spray can last months on end.



Besides Permanent Metallic, our products are washable with ease. Just apply water and scrub.

Earth Friendly

Earth Friendly

Aerosols get a bad rap, but today, aerosols are some of the most advanced household goods on the market. We here at Albedo are using the best of the best.



Just about all reflective gear is restraining in one way or another. But with Albedo100 Reflective spray you will forget you are wearing anything at all.


Water Resistant

Although the reflective spray is washable, it is going to take more than a rain storm to wash it away. Nice try though.


Collisions in Canada that resulted in deaths or serious injuries


Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists makes up…


of all fatalities


of all serious Injuries

The Solution


Wearing dark clothing: 25 meters



Wearing light clothing: 60 meters



Wearing reflective spray: 150+ meters

The Product

Albedo100 Reflective Spray is an innovative aerosol, designed with safety in mind.

This light reflective spray enhances visibility in low light conditions and ensures you are seen by others. Perfect for activities such as evening walks, jogs, camping, outdoor sports and bike rides.

Albedo100 Reflective Spray consists of transparent glue and reflective microspheres. It reflects the light in the same direction as the light source. This means that when standing infront of a light source, such as headlights, only the driver and passengers in the car will see the reflection.


Non-Permanent Colourless

  • Invisible during the day
  • Water resistant
  • Washable with detergent
  • Use on textiles*

Albedo100 Non-Permanent Colourless is a spray with light- reflective properties intended for use on textiles. The spray is invisible in daylight but light-reflective in the dark.
The reactive effect is useful for evening walks, jogs and bike rides. Increase the visibility and safety of your self and your children in traffic by spraying your clothes and other textiles such as jackets, shoes and backpacks.

Permanent Silver Metallic

  • Silver metallic¬† finish
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Water resistant
  • Use on hard surfaces*

Albedo100 Permanent Silver Metallic is a spray with light-reflective properties that sticks to most surfaces, and resists wind and rain. The spray is UV-resistant and is durable on materials such as wood, concrete, metal, stone etc.
It is also appropriate for use on wheels on strollers, bicycles, gates, letter boxes, kayaks, garbage cans, tools, metal, painted surfaces, pavements, fences, nylon textiles, bicycle-helmets, etc.

How to Use ?


Always spray outside or in well-ventilated areas. Shake the can vigorously +1 minute (at least 20 sec after you hear the bulb inside). Repeat during application.


After shaking, spray immediately from a distance of approximately 1 foot, with even swiping movements. Hold the can upright while spraying.


Do not over-apply. Dries in a couple of minutes at normal room temperature. Clean the nozzle after use, by spraying upside down for 1-2 sec.

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